Animology Mane Tamed

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Hair detangler, Hair serum, Hair gloss




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Animology Mane Tamed de-tangle, anti-matting serum for mane and tail.

Mane Tamed by Animology has been created in conjunction with experts to deliver extraordinary results and the highest standards in equestrian mane and tail care.

In creating the Mane and Tamed serum we have developed a leave in product that effectively de-tangles mane and tail hair, leaving it in great condition with a high gloss finish.  The advanced vitamin enriched formulation contains conditioners and SPF/UVA filters to help provide long term protection and care for hair.

How to use: for best results apply sparingly to dry or slightly damp mane and tail hair, working in by hand or with a brush from root to tip.  Once applied allow to dry for 5 minutes to leave a light gloss finish before brushing out as desired.

200ml 6.72 fl oz

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